Happy Cancerversary to me!!

Happy cancerversary today!! I’m so excited to reach this milestone in my cancer journey. Today marks my one year anniversary of my diagnosis. It has been quite a year. My memories are a bit spotty on the days directly after getting chemo transfusions but I remember that evening so clearly. You can read all about it in my first blog post.The thoughts I remember having most are: oh no!! I need to do some research. Who do I tell? What am I going to do? My kids are so little. I cried and mourned. It was a busy evening so, I didn’t have too long to cry and mourn. šŸ™‚

In the meantime, I will have to celebrate this day (with the exception of a five-minute dance party this morning – oh-yah), this weekend because I also have my reconstruction surgery today. And actually, that is another reason to celebrate because it’s another step in this process that I can check off the to-do list. And I love checking things off to-do lists.

Once again, I am extremely grateful for my family, friends and neighbors. They have been so wonderful and have taken care of me and my kids as I have fought this battle. I couldn’t have done so well without their help and encouraging words and support. Janet, my Mom and Brenda have been AWESOME and I love them very much!!

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