One Crazy Week

It has been one crazy week…to be followed by an even crazier one, I’m sure.

On Wednesday, I had two additional biopsies on the same breast due to the results of the MRI. These resulted in a different kind of cancer: Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. What the crap!! Two different kinds of cancer in one breast. So not fair. Unfortunately, this confirms that I will have a mastectomy.

When I met with the surgeon on Thursday, he didn’t have the results from the biopsies yet. He said he wouldn’t call me until Monday with the results. I started to have anxiety Friday morning so I called my Care Coordinator to see if she would be able to provide the results, which she did…thankfully. I mostly just heard “cancer” and knew right away what that would mean surgically.

My surgery is currently scheduled for Friday, February 28th. However, I meet with the plastic surgeon on Monday…so plans may change. Quite frankly, I like the sound of March 7th better. I’m not sure why. [shrug]

Onward and upward, as they say.

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1 Response to One Crazy Week

  1. Wow things are progressing fast with the doctors and everything. If you feel March 7th is better for you then express that to your doctors. I personally have not been through biopsies and possible mastectomy but I followed several blogs of people who have. They were not ready for the “after care”. They couldn’t go back to their daily routine because of soreness( couldn’t move their arms much) so maybe that is something you can bring up with your doctors and family to make sure you have a plan in case ( hope not) that problem arises for you. The last thing you need is more stress , so take the time you need to prepare and plan and it will help with less fuss during it all.

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