Treatments Plan

On Wednesday of this week, I saw the plastic surgeon who removed one of my drains (yay!!) and then gave my expander 30 cc’s. He said the skin was healing really well considering all the bruising I had from the biopsies on surgery day. He was concerned there would be some complications. Luckily, there were not. He also gave me a doctor’s note to return to work on Friday (yesterday).

The cancer conference was on Thursday in which my case was one of 15 discussed. The conference includes about 10 to 15 cancer experts and included one of my surgeons, my Breast Care Coordinator, oncologists, a social worker, etc.  My surgeon called after the conference to inform me that I would receive radiation in two locations – the chest wall and the arm pit where the lymph nodes were removed, chemo and hormone therapies. An aggressive treatment plan.

Thursday night, I attempted to fold some laundry, thinking it was a simple task. Unfortunately, it is also a repetitive task and I was in quite a bit of pain that night. I called the plastic surgeon’s MA (medical assistant) Friday morning to make sure I didn’t screw anything up. After a series of questions and some ibuprofen, I felt better. It will be a while before I fold more laundry.

On Friday, I went to work. Luckily, I work in an office setting where I audit data and systems all day. There is very little physical exertion. Overall, it was a good day and I was missed.

I’ve made appointments with both oncologists, radiation and medical. I pushed them to later this month so that I have time to heal and to be expanded.

My husband and I went to dinner last night. Tepinyaki. Yum. It has two of my favorite things to eat, steak and sushi. I opted for the steak. Scott ate about half of it. 🙂 The servings are way too big for me. I had a tough time deciding between steak and sushi. We also went to Cold Stone where I had my favorite, Cake Batter ice cream.

Today, I’m being a lazy bum. The only thing I have done is take my almost 3-year-old to get his 3-year-old pictures taken. He has started his terrible twos late and it took a full hour to coax some decent pictures out of him.

Only one planned doctor appointment in the week ahead however, I do need to make sure I see the eye doctor and dentist before the treatments begin. Always, a long list of To-Do’s.

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  1. Good luck with all the appointments. Life is way too short to fold the laundry I’d say. Wash and wear is the future! Less folding, more steak and sushi. Take care and keep smiling. Good idea about the dentist. Found it really useful before treatment. J x

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