The Light at the End of the Chemo Tunnel

It’s here!! Just two days away!! I can finally see it!! My final chemo transfusion. Only one more bout of pain. Yippy!! So excited. This journey began in February and it’s been a long five months. But, it’s not over yet. Radiation starts in August.

What a journey it’s been so far. I’ve learned so much about myself and my family. I’ve learned tons about cancer and cancer treatments. I’ve learned how much sickness, pain and weariness I can tolerate. I’ve learned how to be more patient…at least I think I have. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to my final chemo on Friday and, if all goes as anticipated, looking forward to the Friday after that which is when I will start to feel good again. Silver linings.

Another silver lining – My doctor and I have discussed having my port taken out. Yippy!! It’s been a good run, but I’m really ready to have it out.

Summary of next steps: last chemo then four weeks off to recover, have port removed, prep for radiation and follow up appointments with chemo oncologist. Hmmm…that doesn’t really sound like four weeks off, does it?

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2 Responses to The Light at the End of the Chemo Tunnel

  1. Good for you! I am just a few weeks ahead of you, my last chemo was 6/27. Suggest you ask your oncologist if you can skip your last Neulasta shot. That made a huge difference for me in the amount of pain from the Taxol. Three weeks out and I still have some fatigue and mild neuropathy, but oh so glad to be done with this phase. Next for me is reconstruction in late July then radiation in August. Hope all goes well for you from here out. Best wishes. LG

  2. Hope you are feeling ok after the last round and have found the energy to celebrate. It’s a great feeling isn’t it? Good luck with your radio planning appointment! J x

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