Peach Fuzz

It’s a good thing it’s peach season ’cause I’ve got the hair for it. Bwahahahaha. And…that’s why I’m an auditor and not a comedian. 🙂

Seriously, though, I’m super grateful to have hair coming in. It originally looked white but now I can see a bit of my strawberry blonde. The strands are very thin and weak and appear to have the chemo curl I’ve heard so much about. I will continue to wear my wigs and my scarves in public until my hair is long and thick enough to cover my scalp.

Sadly, I only have a few eyelashes left on the top eyelid. They actually started to fall off after my final chemo. I was really hoping to make it through without this happening. After some research online, I learned of a product that helps prevent eyelashes and eyebrows from falling out while you’re going through chemo. I’ll post that information at a later date. Since I didn’t have this product while on chemo, as I understand it my eyelashes and eyebrows will come back after my hair comes back. My eyebrows are sparse as well. I attempted to put on fake eyelashes. It was a disaster. I put one on correctly, the other was pointing down. Those that noticed politely said how great they looked. So sweet of them but the lashes did NOT look great. So, lots of eyeliner and eye shadow it is. I can definitely do that.

I’m thrilled with my hair growth so far and I think I can contribute the success of that to rubbing aloe vera on my head twice a day and taking lots of vitamins. I’m also eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies now that they are an option for me again. My sister gave me a serum to use on my eyelashes and eyebrows to help them grow in more quickly. Fingers crossed that all this works. I long to return to normal.

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