Hair – It Returns

Well, hello there eyelashes. Oh how I’ve missed you. You’ve been gone so long. It’s so nice to see you again. 🙂

My eyelashes are almost back. The bottom lashes are fully grown and the top lashes are about half the original full length. I’m very excited about this. I’m even more excited about how thick they are. I think they are thicker than they were before I went through chemo. This is what I used to help accelerate their growth:

Unfortunately, all of the unwanted hair is back as well. Yes, I’m back to shaving my legs again. Since I’m out of practice and didn’t realize my razor was dull, I cut my legs up trying to shave them the other day. This created a horrible mess and I ended up using several of the kids’ Band-Aids.

Happily, my days of wearing a wig are numbered…just in time for cold fall and winter days. The wigs kept my head warm some days in the cold office that I work in. It will be an interesting adjustment to have to style my hair again which I haven’t done in about 6 months. My boys say that their hair is longer than mine, but I think it’s pretty close. If my hair grows as fast as their hair does, I will have something to work with in about eight weeks. Yay!!

I’m happy to start getting back to normal.

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2 Responses to Hair – It Returns

  1. samanthakh4 says:

    Women like you are such a inspiration. Congratulations on winning your battle and your new hair! 🙂

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