Day 15

Sadly my hair started falling out today in handfuls. I actually have a lot of hair so you can’t see a dent in it yet…but it was very noticeable this morning when I washed my hair.

I had infusion number 2 yesterday. My reaction is better than last night which is a blessing. I’m trying to sleep and rest, take my anti-nausea meds. Food tastes funny…but not nearly as bad as the first infusion. Celebrated half way done with the AC regimen yesterday.

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5 Responses to Day 15

  1. Jenna Silotti says:

    I think you are beautiful. I just caught up on your blog and i love your humor and spunk in your writing. It’s great that you are documenting this and that you have so many that are right here supporting you! You are beautiful and a strong example!

  2. mamawinkler says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me, Amy. I realize it’s very hard (an understatement, I know), and I appreciate your reaching out and letting me travel with you via your blog. That’s what friends are for, especially in the rough times.

  3. Hope with each treatment the side affects are less. With each treatment though, and with food especially, you’ll learn a balance of what works for you and what lessens the side affects. For my hubby, his staple food was apple sauce. It helped him with upset stomach. It helped him just get in the mood to eat. It helped with the nausea too, when he couldn’t keep anything down apple sauce was a life saver. Some foods for him changed taste completely. It was a weird adjustment for him but he learned a balance and stuck to what worked for him.

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