When I think of all the things people have done for me and my family since my diagnosis, tears well up in my eyes. We have been very blessed. My mom, siblings, aunts and cousins have been so supportive. My sister has come to every round of chemo. My friends are always checking on me to make sure I’m ok. My neighbors and ward members (and friends) have brought us meals and checked on me and the kids in the evenings. One neighbor, who beat breast cancer years ago, brought me a chemo entertainment bag that included bandana’s (I’m wearing one right now) and Popsicles (love!). She’s so thoughtful. The Relief Society brought over a beautiful quilt that I’m enjoying. My colleagues who have offered to help with my work.

It’s amazing to me that my mom has taken so much time from her normal life to come stay with us and help me in the evenings with the kids. The week after chemo is rough, so weary, so nauseous. Her help has been invaluable.

My husband has been awesome. He even loves my bald head (giggle). He has been truly amazing and I love him so much.

I don’t know what I would do without everyone’s help. When I was first diagnosed, I didn’t want to tell anyone. But, I’m so glad that I did. You’ve heard that it takes a village to raise a child…it also takes a village to help a family get through cancer treatments. I think this is true for any major life changing illness.

I didn’t mean for this to sound like a weird academy award type of speech…I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate everything they’re doing for me and my family. Sometimes just saying “thank you” doesn’t feel like enough.

Thank you to my village!! You are awesome!!

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5 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Lesa Hong says:

    Some of us are further away but we think of you, pray for you, and believe in your health success. You are an example of strength to all of us.Thank you for sharing on this blog.

  2. Stacey Holyoak says:

    You are just good people, my friend. We want you around indefinitely! *hugs*

    And we are overdue for lunch! 😀

  3. Lisa says:

    You sure have an awesome village!! I’m so grateful to them for taking care of you and your family!! Let me know what I can do to help! Love you lots and lots!!

  4. That’s so wonderful to hear. I am so grateful for all the kindness and beauty around me. Sounds like you are a very special person. J x

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